2022 Warzone 12/30 Tourney Recap

Hey players! Thank you again for making our first warzone duos tourney event a success!  To help us know what we did well and what we need to improve on. We are hoping to take a few minutes of your time to complete the survey below. It's a few questions about the event and facility. To show our thanks, if you complete this by 1/26/22 we will add $15 to your Elite account. You can use it to come in and free play or for onsite food/beverage. We are announcing a Warzone season 2 tournament in the next couple of days that will be taking place 2/4/23. Season 2 will be pretty new so it will be interesting!  Your teams will have slots reserved for the first week of registration if you want to compete.

ELITE Gaming Warzone Tourney Recap


ELITE Gaming Events

1/28/23 - Attack from all sides is running a fighting game tournament.

2/4/23 - Warzone Season 2 Duos


Warzone Recap Survey