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9/9/23 – Monthly Fighting Game Tournaments

Welcome to ELITE Gaming’s Monthly Fighting Game Series Hosted by AFAS!   Games Include: Smash Bros Twinkle Star Sprites BlazeBlue: Central Fiction Tekken 7 Melty Blood: Type Lumina   TEST YOUR MIGHT! against other fighters at ELITE Gaming’s Arena out of the MOST For more information and Registration, click the button below Register Here

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10/8/23 COD MWII: 2v2 Search & Destroy Tournament @ RetroGameCon

Watch the all time legends over at RetroGameCon as ELITE Gaming hosts a 2v2 COD S&D Tournament! RULES: Teams of 2 Best of 3 Each Team Picks a map then a coin toss will determine the 3rd map Standard COD League Rule Set First to 4 No Gentlemen’s Agreements No modded controllers FEES & PAYOUT:…

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10/7/2023 – ELITE Cup Series – High School Invitational @ RetroGameCon

October 8-9 2022

ELITE Road Series at RetroGameCon in Syracuse!
Central New York high school and public rocket league

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08/12/2023 – Monthly Fighting Game Tourneys

Monthly Fighting Game Series Hosted by AFAS Come test your MIGHT! Smash Bros, DNF Duel, BlazeBlue: Central Fiction, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 6 Register Here

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8/27/2023 – Free Minecraft Bootcamp

Join us at ELITE Gaming to begin your coding and creative journey in the world of Minecraft! This community event is completely FREE!  Registration is required and seats are limited. Don’t miss out on this awesome event! Click Here to Register

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9/10/2023 – Rocket League 2v2

“If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the Kitchen!”   Join us at the ELITE Gaming Arena for our Rocket League Meltdown tournament! Tournament Rules 2v2 double elimination bracket Best of 5 matches. Zoom, zoom.

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08/26/2023 -COD S&D Double Elim

Call of Duty: Search & Destroy 2v2 Double elim Doors open:12pm Tournament: 1pm-5pm Entry fee: $20/per person Prize pool: $300 Special Rules: CDL Rules Best of 3, each team map picks, flip for 3rd, no modded controllers

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