AFAS Tekken & Strive Tournament

King of Salt City Tournament

Attack From All Sides is running a fighting game tournament at the ELITE Arena.

We will be running two games, Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear: Strive. Each game will have at least a $100 pot bonus. There will also be a Matcherino payout. Working on more cash and prizes. There will also be a Super Street Fighter II Turbo side bracket that is free to enter!

New to fighting games or a veteran all skill levels are welcome!


  • $10 entry per game and $10 venue fee.
  • Doors open at noon, Tekken 7 starts at 1PM and Strive starts at 4PM.
  • Setups encouraged. Up to 15 people will be eligible for a $5 venue fee discount.
  • Bring your own controller is preferred. There will be limited PS4 controllers available. We play on PS4s and will have Xbox controller converters available if needed.


  • Payout is 60%/30%/10% of entry pool
  • If less than 10 players, payout will be for top 2 70%/30%

Stream Link


Tekken 7


If you have any questions, please join the Discord server and ask!


AttackFromAll Sides

The onsite tournament admins will settle problems not covered within the current rules. Additionally, regulations & formats can be changed if deemed necessary.